The wood products industry is cyclical in nature, so we continually search the world for the best applicable technologies, so as to maintain our size consistent with being able to thrive in all market conditions, but still be able to offer what our clients want.

This is where partners come in, not just a load of brochures collected ata show, but people and companies we have worked with and studied to ensure that their technology is mature, applicable and the people are of the highest integrity and committed to our market.

Only then do we form these partnerships, designed to bring real benefits to our customers and our industry - people willing to stay in our markets, commit to training our people and being here for the long haul, not just for a period when their market could be in downturn.

The following pages are the people who fit that criteria, we know them all personally and work hand in hand with them to bring home our philosophy of SOLUTIONS.


  Acora's Managing Director - Roger Timms; EWD's Managing Director - Herbert Oppenborn and Acora's Workshop Manager - Rex Rogers in front of the Profiling Section of the EWD gang headed for AKD's Irrewarra Mill, on display at Ligna 2015! 

Eden Oval Covered Grandstands Project

Check out the build video of our latest community project from design to installation!