Circular and profiling technology, like no other sawing technology, stands for high production and high sawing accuracy. The profiling lines - an interaction of chipper canter, profiling and circular saw technology - today dominate the sawing of timber in the big softwood mills.

With the application of modern scanning and positioning technologies as well as cutting path optimization right up to the active curve sawing technology, ArcoLine modern profiling technology is well suited to use the increasingly expensive resource to its optimum.

The ArcoLine resaw process was developed to provide active curve chipping and bandsaw technology for maximum timber recovery.

All processing units, such as chipper canter, profiling unit and circular saw unit are available in varying design modules. EWD can offer individual solutions, precisely trimmed to respective production requirements.

Economical concepts for processing volumes of 30,000 cubic metres log intake in a single shift operation up to 1,000,000 cubic metres in multi-shift operation are available.

Roger Timms at the ANWE Site after completion of the 260m Conveyor in Eden.

Ian English is pictured below. He is retiring in 2017 as our Senior Fitter & Machinist.
Ian is our Senior Fitter & Machinist who is retiring this month at age 72!

Video of ANWE Conveyor Rebuild


Acora continually search the world for the best applicable technologies. We have formed partnerships, designed to bring real benefits to our customers and industry.
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Acora have a broad range of equipment lines from standard conveying systems to roll cases, transfer decks, unscramblers. All designed and built specifically for the timber industry.
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Spare Parts Department

Acora works alongside the industry's best suppliers. If we can't source it, we will design and build it for you!
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Acora prides itself on being a solution based company. Our approach is results-based so we generate a solution, in partnership with our customers.
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Used Equipment

Acora will often sell equipment or parts that we have in excess.
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