The new Gilbert 6 Roll Planer requires up to 50% less space than a conventional planer. The Compact Planer still utilises the successful Pull-Through technology like the other great Gilbert Planers.

The planer runs with a gap between each piece of wood, ensuring every piece of wood is dragged through independently, regardless of the space between each piece. Consequently, jams caused between 2 pieces of wood are avoided.

Other features:

  • Unique and innovative in design – a push of a button opens the machine up and re-sets it to exact position, no re-measuring of boards
  • Sturdy modular frame
  • No need for a long bridge
  • Easily maintained, all electric, CNC positioning
  • High feed speed of up to 700 MPM
  • High productivity (95% and more)
  • Rapid return on your investment
  • Improves production
  • Keeps planing visible
To view a video of the Planer please click here.

Roger Timms at the ANWE Site after completion of the 260m Conveyor in Eden.

Ian English is pictured below. He is retiring in 2017 as our Senior Fitter & Machinist.
Ian is our Senior Fitter & Machinist who is retiring this month at age 72!

Video of ANWE Conveyor Rebuild


Acora continually search the world for the best applicable technologies. We have formed partnerships, designed to bring real benefits to our customers and industry.
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Acora have a broad range of equipment lines from standard conveying systems to roll cases, transfer decks, unscramblers. All designed and built specifically for the timber industry.
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