The fastest and most effective planers in the world! But that’s not why you buy a Gilbert – it is so perfectly engineered for ease of set-up, maintenance, and precision, that speed has become a by-product and additional benefit, even at speeds of 200 mpm, a Gilbert planer can show a return on investment that is unmatched.


Gilbert have proven their successful Pull-Through technology, the very best sawmills have commissioned Gilbert to create the most efficient planer mill solutions. These planers run with a small gap between each piece of wood, ensuring every piece of wood is dragged through independently, regardless of the space. Such is the clever technology of Gilbert.

Other features:

•         Unique and innovative in design – a push of a button opens the machine up and re-sets it

           to exact position, no re-measuring of boards
•         Sturdy modular frame
•         No need for a long bridge
•         Easily maintained, all electric, CNC positioning
•         High feed speed of up to 1200 meters per minute
•         Production capacity of up to 300 pieces per minute
•         Rapid return on your investment
•         Improves production
•         Keeps planing visible


To view a video of the Planer please click here.



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