PRINZ have a range of saws for log yard use, both stationary and mobile.

LOGSTAR COMBI cross-cut saws for round timber - perfectly integrated into your log yard

PRINZ cross-cut saws for round timber are ideal for integrating into your log yard.The modular system allows to devise individual solutions to exactly meet your particular requirements. Cutting time is reduced by a control system, as for smaller diameters, the guide bar does not move as far as the upper limit position.

PROFICUT mobile cross-cut saws - efficient, mobile and reasonably priced

Mobile cross-cut saws by Prinz are highly mobile and universal. They are the ideal entry-level model for efficient cross-cutting of ends and cutting through round timber and stacks. Easy to manoeuvre, they provide a convenient alternative to one man saws. With the matching Prinz cut- ting equipment, you can not only cut wood easily and reliably, but also gypsum plates, paper rolls, plastic pipes and much, much more.



POWERCUT - the single operator saw for flexible use

Fitted with carbide-tipped saw chains, there is no difficulty in cutting hard woods, dirty wood (such as railway sleepers) and a variety of other materials, such as gyp- sum plates, Heraklith insulating materials, soft stone and brickwork. They are also extremely sturdy saws, ideally suited for building activities (wall drainage). Thanks to the electric motor, they provide an interesting alternative to the unhealthy exhaust emissions of petrol-driven saws.



BASIC BLOCK & UNI BLOCK - chainsaw technology at your disposal for individual projects

  • a cost-effective kit for implementing your sawing projects
  • an easily integrated motor block with a 5.5 kW to 15 kW electric motor, a flange for guide-bar attachment, a saw-chain and a guide-bar
  • automatic chain lubrication and oil tank option
  • stationary version with hydraulic cutting cylinder also available
  • guide-bars with idle sprocket for up to 130 cm cutting length



    LOG SPLITTER horizontal saws - infinite use in veneer plants

    With the log splitter saws, you will have no difficulty in converting large diameters of up to 250cm into planks, posts or any other required dimensions. All log lengths can be machined without restriction, as the machine moves on rails. The height setting for sawn timber thickness is infinitely adjustable by hand.



    For more information on PRINZ Log Yard Saws you can download the pdf here.

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