Acora began operations in 1967 as Reneco Engineering, a small specialist company manufacturing logging forks and similar equipment for the timber industry. The business expanded to fill a growing need for the manufacture and installation of equipment for the hardwood timber industry, and in 1990 the company again took a new direction into providing similar services to the softwood industry.

The company's managing director is Roger Timms, who grew up in the coastal town of Eden in New South Wales, where the company now has a fully-equipped workshop and administration facilities. Roger has extensive experience in the sawmill engineering industry.

Being a family owned company our business philosophy is based on developing strong relationships with clients and staff. Our company has a strong financial base, employs and continually trains the best people available and strives to work diligently with our customers to ensure we will continue to prosper in all economic conditions.

Some of the core strengths of Acora can be summarised as:
. Recognised as offering unparalleled level of engineering professionalism for economical solutions.

. Aligned with the best overseas manufacturers to offer the latest and most innovative equipment and processes.

. Proven detailed industry knowledge

Acora are the distributors for the world’s most renowned suppliers of sawmilling equipment. These include Carbotech, DK Spec, DO2, Cumberland Systems, EWD, Lucidyne Technologies Inc, Gilbert and Prinz.

These companies are recognised worldwide as being suppliers of the highest quality equipment in their industry. We always analyse what the customer’s needs are and bring together the best combination of equipment to suit the task.



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