Reducer Bandsaw Systems
Chipper Canter Quad Bandsaws and Chipper Canter Twin Bandsaws

The QuadroLine Reducer Bandsaw allows for the processing of large sawing heights with minimum saw kerf.

Band Resaw Systems
EWD has Single, Twin, Tandem, Triple and Quad bandsaws for the resawing of pre-sawn timber with a thin saw kerf and with almost unlimited sawing heights for the green sawmill and dry mill processing.

Log Bandsaw Systems
For large and high grade log sawing of soft and hardwoods, EWD’s log bandsaw technology is ideal.

The Log Bandmill range of EWD starts with the single cut headrig with 1400 mm wheel diameter and a basic controls package and goes all the way up to the Tandem headrig set-up with 1800 mm wheel diameter.

RoboLine System
This is a compact bandsaw system with a minimum footprint for all saw patterns. With one bandsaw system the RoboLine allows the sawing of custom-sawn timber, dimension products and live sawing, without a merry-go-round.

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